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TheoQ Oncloud Operating System

TheoQ Oncloud Operating System is a completely Cloud-Based Operating System, which is accessible from any part of the world and from any web browser. It comes with a great App Market, which will allow the user download great Apps and start using them instantly without worrying about installation... It is moreover, a really simple-to-use OS as it pretends to be as similar to the most used desktop OS as possible.

Children safer than ever

-Parent's can be more relieved than ever, as they would be able to see live on other computer just what their son is doing. In addition, it comes with a fully customizable social Network, so the parents can set privacy filters for their child in a few clicks. They can also forbid the access to Apps, Websites, Docs, Media... either by a computer-based recommendation or by their own choice.

Bye Bye Back-Up Hard Drive

-You don't have to worry more about backups, and all that annoying stuff. As the files are stored on the cloud, you cannot throw delete them permanently. On top of that, all your data is encrypted, to ensure privacy even in server attacks.

- Are you fed up of calling our neighbour's son to get your PC repaired? Or maybe you end up coughing each time you decide to open your Tower CPU... We believe all that suffering isn't good for you, so we take care of the servers, including all its hardware, and also of the software itself. Now you can just use your computer without getting that terrible headache.

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